Our curriculum. Your career advantage.

Holistic education is at the heart of Pepperdine University — academic excellence balanced with purpose, service, and leadership. Our online Master of Science in Leadership programs are a perfect example.

All of our programs emphasize values-centered leadership as well as learning theory and technology. They include 23 common master’s in leadership course credits and nine program-specific credits. Shared course credits make it possible for you to transition between programs in your first year.

You’ll graduate with the knowledge to not only be a leader but to help develop the next generation of leaders, too.

Immersion Experience

This experience takes place once per year over a three-day weekend. You’re required to attend two on-campus immersion experiences during your program.

Doctoral Pathway

If you successfully complete this degree and are accepted into an Ed.D. or Ph.D. program offered at GSEP, you may transfer the following courses to the doctoral programs:

  • Virtual Learning, Collaboration, and Transmedia
  • Ethics, Values, and Inclusion
  • Program Design and Assessment

Core Courses | 23 credits

MSED 601Critical Thinking and Communication3 Credits
MSED 602Virtual Learning, Collaboration, and Transmedia3 Credits
MSED 603Ethics, Values, and Inclusion3 Credits
MSED 604Program Design and Evaluation3 Credits
MSED 605Applied Analytics and Data Visualization3 Credits
MSED 606Entrepreneurial Leadership for Innovation and Change3 Credits
MSED 680Contemporary Topics in Leadership1 Credit
MSED 681Contemporary Topics in Learning1 Credit
MSED 699 ACapstone Integration Experience1 Credit
MSED 699 BCapstone Integration Experience2 Credits

PreK-12 Education | 9 credits

MSKA 641Professional Learning Culture and Instructional Coaching3 Credits
MSKA 642Family and Community Engagement3 Credits
MSKA 643Policy Management and Learning Environment3 Credits

Higher Education | 9 credits

MSHE 631Higher Education Politics, Governance and Society3 Credits
MSHE 632Student Support and Services in Higher Education3 Credits
MSHE 633Economics, Finance and Policy in Higher Education3 Credits

Learning Technology | 9 credits

MSLT 661Emerging Technologies in Learning3 Credits
MSLT 662Managing the Learning Ecosystem3 Credits
MSLT 663Rethinking Learning Ecosystem Designs3 Credits

Learning Design and Innovation | 9 credits

MSLD 621New Learning and Emerging Technologies3 Credits
MSLD 622Formal Learning: Rethinking Instruction3 Credits
MSLD 623Informal Learning: Expanding Learning Spaces3 Credits

Organizational Leadership and Learning | 9 credits

MSOL 651Managing Teams and Collaboration3 Credits
MSOL 652Organization Design and Culture3 Credits
MSOL 653Organizational Management and Stewardship3 Credits