Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Learning

Leadership — today’s most important organizational strategy.

Intense competition, technology, and changing policies have transformed the workplace. In today’s complex organizations, leadership is invaluable at every level. So is employee engagement.

A recent survey highlighted that 85% of executives rate employee engagement as an important priority.* Leaders who can empower employees give their organization the greatest competitive advantage — people who will do whatever it takes to see the company succeed. Do more than adapt to changes in the workplace. Drive them.

*Deloitte Insights

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Why earn your online master’s in organizational leadership and learning?

One of the most desirable skills a professional can have is the ability to lead others — especially in a world of rapid change. Being a leader in the 21st century requires you to unlearn management and relearn what it means to be human. Because if you want to build a sustainable, high-performing team, it’s essential they feel comfortable approaching you and collaborating with one another.

Think about this for a moment: 50% of employees choose to leave their jobs because of their leaders.* It’s not because they don’t want to be led, it’s because they don’t trust who’s leading them. If you want to improve performance, you need to learn how to understand individual preferences and know how to accommodate them. Your master’s in organizational leadership and learning can help you do just that.


What can you do with your degree?

People lose motivation for a variety of reasons, and it’s how leaders respond that can either scare away or salvage the employee relationship. As a management analyst or training manager, you’ll have direct insight into the emotional well-being of your organization, which means your impact will be direct too.

And since nearly 90% of all surveyed HR and business leaders believe that leadership is one of the biggest challenges facing global organizations,* you won’t just be leading your organization, you’ll be leading a movement.

Your online Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Learning can put you in a position to grab the reins and steer your organization in the right direction. The employee-tailored plans that you create paired with your personnel skills can help improve company culture and encourage open collaboration.

*Deloitte Insights

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Specializations offered in five M.S. in Leadership programs: preK-12 administration, higher education, learning technology, learning design and innovation, and organizational leadership and learning

The conversation is already started. Take courses that can help you lead it.

23 core course credit hours | 9 program-specific credit hours

The dynamic nature of today’s world has established a growing need for collaboration and building a culture of continuous learning. But to do that, organizations need experts to lead the conversation.

Our curriculum provides you with a firsthand look at how shared values and group norms contribute to the success of an organization. Your coursework will emphasize the value of collective progress over self-interest and challenge you to think differently while making decisions.

These courses will guide you:

  • Managing Teams and Collaboration
  • Organization Design and Culture
  • Organizational Management and Stewardship

Leaders are needed at every level. You can be one of them.

A recent study showed that only 32% of organizations have a steady supply of leaders, and only 18% of these leaders train their successors.* No wonder there’s a shortage.

Companies everywhere feel the pressure to develop leaders at all levels — from training young leaders faster to keeping senior leaders inspired longer. And while companies recognize the need to develop strong leadership, some of them lack the resources to make it happen.

That’s why you need Pepperdine.

*Deloitte Insights

Study with us, and you can learn to:

  • Manage all functions of learning in an organization
  • Promote teamwork and collaboration among employees
  • Determine the impacts of culture on decision-making and organizational effectiveness

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of Master of Science in Organizational Leadership will be expected to achieve the following learning outcomes:

1. Develop and practice clear, persuasive and data supported narratives that advance initiatives and present them using advanced transmedia.

2. Develop and deliver learning experiences by integrating and applying learning theory and tools of technology and asses outcomes of those efforts.

3. Integrate personal, organizational and societal values into leadership initiatives and advance them throughout organizations.

4. Integrate, synthesize and apply management and administration theories that support managing all functions of the learning organization.

5. Examine, integrate and apply theories that promote organizational teamwork and collaboration in learning organizations